Our People

Naserian is governed by a committee of Maasai women, and its day to day running is orchestrated by its coordinator.

Naserian’s Committee

Naserian’s Committee has a central role in governing its activities and consulting with its beneficiaries to ensure that Naserian is run, as they put it “by the Maasai for the Maasai”. All of the committee members are members of Naserian, most are widows themselves and many were some of the first to participate in Naserian’s capacity building – now running village activities and training themselves.

Maria and Grace (farthest on right) were chosen by Naserian to represent them at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, travelling to New York to share what Naserian have achieved for women and how this best practice can be learned from across the globe.

(From left to right)

Nemburis Sangau,  Neiyo Laputani,  Leyaa Loishiye (Deputy Chairperson),  Naangipa Sangau,  Flora Barinabar (Chairwoman),  Noongishu Parimao,  Naiyo Lerangi,  Mery Laata,  Esupati Meijo,  Maria Mepukori Mamasita (Treasurer) and Grace Mayeseki (Secretary).

Pictured with Alais Esoto Sima, Naserian’s Coordinator.

Naserian’s Coordinator

Alais Esoto Sima

Naserian’s Coordinator is also vital; Alais has instigated and supported Naserian from an idea to a reality, with consultation and building the leadership capacity of the women themselves, at the centre.  He works with the Maasai community to develop the organisation and to champion the empowerment of women.

Alais has completed his secondary education and has also completed a course in tour guiding at the college in Arusha.

Alais is a member of the Baha’i agencies for the Arusha district and is very involved in neighbourhood activities for the betterment of the community.   He runs children’s classes, is involved in the junior youth empowerment programme and facilitates study for adults.